Preparing for hospital baby photography

Preparing for hospital baby photography

There aren’t many things  you need to get ready to prepare for hospital baby photography session. In fact, you would already have packed most of those things in your hospital bag.

Your hospital baby photography session will be quite natural and organic. We will  focus on the wonderful joyous emotions that your family experiences with a new birth. Everything will be set up in a relaxed and easy going environment, focusing more on what you are already doing at the hospital, such as you holding your baby,  your baby lying in the hospital crib, their little hands, feet, your partner holding your baby, meeting siblings and/or grandparents. Your family all together enjoying the first blissful days of your baby’s life.

How Long:

Your photography session will take approximately 45 minutes.


In hospital baby photography is usually done on day two after your baby is born. Due to on-call nature of in hospital baby photography, we ask that you let us know at the time you go into labour or schedule you c-section or induction dates. This way we can lock in a time slot for you for the next day.

First Bath:

If you would like your baby’s first bath to be photographed on the day, you will need to have a towel, face washer and your baby’s first outfit ready.

Your baby’s first outfit:

Putting the very first proper outfit is a very big event! You’ve probably packed and re-packed that outfit several times! If you would like to have your baby’s first outfit photographed, I ask that you wait until I am with you, to put it on.

Special Blanket/Wrap:

If you were gifted a special blanket/wrap/family heirloom that you would like to have your baby photographed with, we encourage you to bring the blanket/wrap to the hospital with you.

Dad & Siblings:

We always encourage dads and any siblings to participate if they are there at the time of the shoot. We keep any sibling interaction organic and allow them to meet the new baby in their own space, and on their terms. So it is a pleasant and exciting experience for your older child meeting a new sibling.

What to wear:

I would suggest something fairly plain like a black top and leggings that you will be comfortable in. Wear something you will be happy to be photographed in.


If we are photographing grandparents meeting your baby, we ask that they arrive 30 minutes after your photography session starts.

What happens if you get discharged from the hospital before your photography session:

Not to worry! In the event that for some reason we are unable to make it to the hospital, we will come to you at home for a lovely relaxed, organic and natural lifestyle baby photography session the week your baby is born! We will make sure that you get those precious first photographs!

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