A Guide to choosing the right Pram


How to choose the right pram?

Choosing the perfect pram for your brand new baby can be somewhat overwhelming.

We have come up with some considerations, to help you, make the right decision in purchasing the pram for your needs.

There are so many choices on the market, you want to make sure that the one your get, will be right for you. There is nothing like buying a pram and then regretting it because it doesn’t quite do what you need it to do.

Just because your friend or cousin has a certain pram and loves it, doesn’t mean that your will too or that it will be the right pram for you.

First and foremost here are a few questions you may need to consider about how you will be using your pram.

How frequently will it be used?

Are not going to use your pram frequently i.e. every day three or four times a day or just a short walk to the shops once a week?

Where do you intend to take the pram?

This question is designed to help you figure out what kind of wheels your pram needs. Are you planning on doing some light irregular walking or are you a heavy jogger? Are you planning on jogging on the grass or sandy beach? Go to the park & walk along the grass and tree roots a lot? Will you be mainly walking on the pavement? Will you only take the pram to the shopping centre with very smooth floors?

If you are a serious walker, jogger, someone who goes outdoors lots you will want something that is durable, moves well on all kind of surfaces.

When you go into a store tell the shop assistant what you intend to use it for, i.e. “Going overseas” or “Everyday use so I can go running with it”. The shop assistant will guide you in a direction of a few prams that would suit your needs.

General rule of thumb for pram tyres is, the bigger the wheels the smoother the ride for bumpy surfaces. The smaller the wheels the bumpier the ride will be.

There are four different wheel varieties for prams.

Rubber coated plastic

These wheels are designed for smooth commercial surfaces like shopping centre floors. You can find these on most low to mid range prams and umbrella strollers (suitable for 6m+)

Rubber tube tyres, like bicycle wheels

These give a smooth ride on surfaces like gravel, uneven pavers, grass

Air filled wheels are designed for regular of walkers on rougher surfaces, so it won’t get bogged in the grass.

Reinforced rubber tyres filled with compressed air 
Pneumatic tyres are designed for jogging prams that go all over surfaces at faster speeds.

These are generally larger, more durable wheels that provide a smooth ride for your baby

Prams with these wheels are designed for all terrain use and just happen to be in some of the most popular prams on the market for a reason!

Do you want a pram that is light, compact and folds easily into your car or are you happy with a big bulky pram?

If light and compact is a priority, you may want to look at something like City Mini range rather than a Bagaboo Chamelon.

Do you want a full travel system with a capsule?

If you want a pram and capsule, you will need to commit to a certain brand pram/car capsule models that are compatible with each other. Some brands produce their own capsules with the pram, others allow third party capsule connectors. Do your research to make sure that your pram and capsule are compatible before buying.

Will you be having another baby within a year or two of this baby?

If you are, it is most likely that you will need to get a double pram. So consider buying a pram that goes from a single to a double quite easily. There are a few models out there like Strider, City Select and Bubagboo who offer single prams that convert into a double. Alternatively, you may want to wait and see if your toddler is happy to walk or ride along on a buggy board.

How much do you want to spend on a pram?

Decide on a realistic budget, and stick to it. Baby prams vary in price and quality. They range between $169 to over $2000, some of the high end prams also come with status. If your desired pram in not within your budget, look at getting a second hand model (keep in mind that some prams hold their re-sell value quite well).

The Road Test:

Most importantly before you buy a pram, go test it out. Pushing a pram in a shop  (smooth perfect surface) will not give you a realistic idea of how your pram will preform outside.

Most of the biggest baby expos (they are held about 4 times throughout the year) will have pram track and the latest pram models set up for you to try out, gravel, grass, pavers and etc

Before committing to a pram, go to a baby expo, see what pram feels right when you are pushing it around. Three wheelers feel different to four wheeler prams. Put a weight into the pram of about 7kg, pop your bag into the bottom of the pram or on the handles to see how you go with it.

My husband wants a three wheeler and I want a four wheeler pram.

You will need to come to an agreement on this one. Who will be using the pram most? Will it be your husband or you? If you don’t like the way the pram feels when you steer it, choose a different model.

More than one pram.

In reality you will probably own two or more prams, one for your newborn/infant and one that is an umbrella stroller from 6 months onwards. Here is what to look out for when buying an umbrella stroller.

Umbrella Strollers

These are generally suitable from 6 months onwards for your baby. Strollers are light and compact and are fairly easy to fold and transport around, some fold up to almost nothing, others are a bit bigger.

They are perfect for travelling and getting out and about with an older baby/toddler. A good quality umbrella stroller will generally last you until your toddler is happy to walk everywhere.

They range in quality and cost, you can get them as cheap as $20 or for as much as $700 for a top of the range stroller. But as they say: “You get what you pay for”.

Look for something that is a smooth ride, reclines, has a canopy and a rain cover.

If you are planning to travel, get something that is sturdy that will not be broken by baggage handlers, potentially fits in the overhead compartment of the plane (yes there are a couple of models out there).

Happy shopping!

Need help packing a hospital bag?

We’ve created a printable hospital bag checklist PDF to help you pack all the things you need for your hospital stay!

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